Sunday, 5 May 2019

Kika's first outing this year was on the stormy  weekend of 28/29 April to act as committee boat for the student windsurfing nationals at Colwyn Bay. It was a good opportunity to iron out snags.
Starting off at 6am I had a minor panic when the engine juddered to a halt. Fortunately I was on the point of slipping the mooring in the tidal Conwy River but still had one of the warps attached. It was relatively easy to bleed the fuel pump and get rid of an air lock. Ewan Byers then came on board and off we went at the top of the tide.

It was a bit of a bumpy ride round and even more rolly on the anchorage at Colwyn Bay. I gave up trying to make bacon baps as the rib crews all came aboard. Some were iron stomached enough for a beer and others went a bit quiet and jettisoned their breakfast over the side. My son Tom nevertheless managed to get all the racing finished by 2.30 pm with a lot of tired but happy student windsurfers who are a jolly crowd and have made the most of a very stormy weekend in Colwyn Bay.

Pete Quilliam and I sailed back , against tide and wind around the Great Orme to get back to Conwy for 7.30 pm and collapse into the Liverpool Arms for a well earned pint. This week have ironed out the rest of the snag list and bar tidying up a bit we are ready to go on 13 May on an early tide - Hurrah!
Is it pirates? or just the team from Colwyn  Bay Watersports hoping for a bacon butty before the racing


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  3. One can now track 'Kika' by visiting: or in some cases http://kika.ne1,eu Good luck to you all.