Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Kika slipped out of the Conwy River at 7 am on 13 May bound for Port St Mary on the Isle of Mann. In  view of the forecast for light Southerly Winds for the next week we had decided to go round Britain in a clockwise direction. We Have two old salts both of whom worked for the blue funnel line. Pete Barrar who ended up as head of the Manchester Business school and Andy Gallaher washed ashore as a chief fire officer. The muscle in the crew is supplied by Josh Cook a tree surgeon from the Conwy Valley who spends a lot of his time hanging off things.
The 60 miles to Port St Mary took us 10 hours with a bit of a fight against a foul tide at the end. We tied up against the harbour wall next to some Manx trawlers and downed spaghetti Bolognaise and red wine in short order to crash out for a 05.30 start the next morning to catch the tide through calf sound. We had a lovely early morning sail up the west coast of the island where a few self poked their heads up and asked us what we were doing disturbing their fishing so early. We just caught the lock gate at Peel and after a shower, shave and shirt change proceeded into Peel for a bargain rate Pensioners breakfast. Josh says it's bloody typical baby boomers get all the perks. Apologies for the lack of photos. Struggling with the technology . It's easier servicing the engine!

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