Saturday, 22 June 2019

Down the East Coast

As soon as the wind moderated on Thurday afternoon we left Blyth. The swell was fairly heavy after the gales, but we passed the busy shipping in the Tyne and arrived on the dirty river Weir and docked at Sunderland Marina. The town looked a bit depressed with plenty of people of working age hanging about "helping" with the boats.

Friday saw us meandering down to Hartlepool on the tide. The town has had a real boost from the arrival of the Tricomalee ( a Trafagar era Frigate ) and the museum of the Royal Navy. The Frigate survived the breakers yard because she was built in Bombay from Burmese Teak which is incredibly resistant to Rot. Her sister ship the Indefegatible was blown up in the channel in 1947 and scuttled with the Fench and British Ensigns flying while thee last post was played. No money then to restore old ships! The was a graphic video showing the miserable life of pressed men in Nelson's Navy. "A floating prison with a good chance of being drowned". Of course Kikas 'crew especially the first mate thought that they had it easy compared with life on a Rival 38.

In the evenings it's fun being a fly on the wall on the strip a row of bars and restaurants along the waterfront. Lasses from the North East defy the climate and parade up and down in scimpy outfits to be approached by fellas in waistcoats with slicked back hair. The beers cheap too!

On Saturday we said goodbye to Glyn and Gerry who have kept  everyone entertained despite 3 days holed up in Blyth, and hello to Andy Grace and David North Coombes both old pals from my year in medical school. Our next stop was Whitby where Andy and I had sailed our 21 foot Corribee almost 40 years ago. The harbour is busier now with more tourists and the stem train now comes all the way from Goatland on the North York Moors line into Whiby itself, a splendid sight. We managed to get some twig debris sucked into the water intake which resulted in a steaming engin when we arrived At our berth. Several hours of huddling around later managed to ram a load of compressed wood out of the intake seacock.
I have just managed to lose the following 4 paragraphs by a feat of spectacular technical incompetence ie not saving! Suffice to say it's time for a beer so to summarise we had a great time travelling through Scarborough, Bridlintonwhere we had an exiting night drying out, Grimbsby where the beer was cheap andWells next to the sea( very picturesque) and now we are safely ensconced in the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club at Lowestoft a venerable old institution with friendly members and have said goodbye to Dave and Andy who have been brilliant company and even claim to have enjoyed themselves.
Andy's steam train which got to Whitby

Dave and Andy look towards Flamborough Head from Scarborough 

Flamborough Head

The old market hall in Scarborough



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