Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Weymouth to North Wales

As I write this we are sitting waiting for the tide in Pwllheli surrounded by oyster catchers and curlews. It's been a mad week making up time to get the boat back on schedule.
We left Weymouth on a spring tide to get round Portland Bill early in the morning. We passed Portland Prison, a lonely building isolated on the Bill, and took the inside passage to avoid the tidal overfalls. It means being within shouting distance of someone standing on the rocks. A fair tide took us accross Lyme Bay and we were just able to lay Dartmouth on a W/ Nw breeze. Fraser Longbone joined us in Weymouth and helmed the boat like an arrow until he succumbed to mal de met, a common first day hazard.
Dartmouth is a beautiful place and we had a beer in the towns oldest pub, with not a straight line in the building. My son Jack was locked up in the Brittania Royal Naval College doing forced marches and the Royal Navy Fitness Test or so he claimed and was unable to get down for a beer.

We sailed round Start Point to the Queen Anne's battery in Plymouth. We heard the large carrier Queen Elizabeth warning nearby ships about its air operations so presumably the sailors can stop throwing darts off the flight deck as the government has bought some planes.

Have just lost the next 5 paragraphs so will have to fill in the gaps another time!Suffice to say after a hard passage overnight from Newlyn to Milford Haven of some 120 miles against a headwind we are now meandering back peacefully through Wales to be home by Friday 12 July hopefully.
Hurst point just off the needles channel

Pete and Glyn on their usual " shopping run " ashore

Pete and Glynn having a lovely time in Aberystwyth 

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