Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Departure for New Zealand

We're off.......

Tears from the crew and relief from friends and family at Deganwy
Finally Sat 27 arrived and lots of friends gathered at the Deganwy Keys hotel to see us off.  Jon, Colin, Vince and James are heading off on the first stage of the voyage. The initial passage plan includes berthing in Ireland, Portugal, Morocco and the Canaries.

Kika's first crew to Holyhead taken by Colin Sharratt
Would you employ them?

For the start Dave North Coombes and Andy Grace came for a ride across the harbour. John Cullimore, Ceri Roberts, Hugh Clifford and Patrick came on the first leg to Holyhead which was calm, so the party continued all the way there meeting the girls for dinner in an Italian. Fifteen of us made so much noise the the other poor diners seemed to eat up and disappear rapidly. Finally it was time to say goodbye to Bridget and the reality of what lay ahead began to dawn. Lots of thoughts span round and sleep was spasmodic. Everyone's generosity in sending cards/messages/ and presents for the voyage was very touching so it was sad to leave so many good friends and family for two years.

Kika and Clive's Oyster Sephina moored against a large rubber tyre!
The weather was closing in so met Clive and Judith in Sephina and mutually decided to go as far South in Ireland as we could. First thing on Monday with a foul tide and poor wind we sat off South Stack and wondered how we were going to get round the the world. Clive fared better punching through the tide with his powerful Yanmar engine . After we had decided to give up and head for Dublin, the wind improved the Aries wind vane performed brilliantly and finally the tide turned in our favour and we arrived in Arklow at 10.30 pm and moored up next to Clive in the river. They had already had a number of Gin and Tonics!

Monday was spent recovering, mending the Automatic Identification System which James finally traced to a loose wire after a long technical conversation to Raymarine. Clive got me to learn to download Grib weather files from the Internet and after Spaghetti Bolognese cooked by Vin a musical session and some Guinness we prepared for a 5am start to catch the tide South.

Tuesday found us in Kilmore Quay after steaming past Wexford and rounding Carnsore point in good weather. The boat is now in good order and we may have to sit it out for a while while some gales go past possibly getting a weather window to cross for Portugal by the end of the week.


  1. So sad I couldn't be there to wave off kika and crew - best of luck for the first leg and see you in the canaries! Love from berlin, jenny xxx

  2. Wishing you all the best for the Biscay crossing. Wishing I was with you guys. Hope the G&Ts are living up to my reputation !!