Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Parasailor Arrives

Finally we got the boat in the water and over to Deganwy Marina for further tarting up and sea trials

On Saturday May 25th Stuart Anderson from Seateach kindly joined us to demonstrate the parasailor. This is our main hope for getting Kika, a medium to heavy displacement boat moving in light airs and save on the diesel. We arrived at the fairway buoy off Conwy to be greeted with a gentle Force 2 Zephyr of a Northerly Breeze. The sail behaved impeccably. We clocked up  4.5 knots downwind and 5 knots on a reach. She is easy to handle with a good snuffler system and you can even Gybe it across the bows although its tricky to make 10 degree sequential alterations in course and adjust the sheets and guys progressively.
 Clive arrived in Sephina after launching at Beaumaris with as brand new engine and zoomed around taking the shots.
Apart from the price we all agreed that there wasn't much not to like about the parasailor and celebrated over dinner on a gloriously sunny evening on the balcony of the Deganwy Keys Hotel with Conwy castle glimmering across the river in the late evening sunshine.

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